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Picture Gallery of Somerset Guy Fawkes Carnival Circuit 2006 - 2016

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Shepton Mallet Cheque Presentation, Highwayman Inn, shepton Mallet. Friday 5th May 2017
2017 Cheque Presentation
2016 Carnival Cup Presentation 17th December Haynes Motor Museum
Cup Presentation 2016
Festival of the Day of the Dead, Gremlins
Shepton Mallet Cheque Presentation, Crossways, North Wooton. Friday 22nd April 2016
Cheque Presentation
50th Anniversary of Shepton mallet carnival and Cup Presentation 19th December 2015 - Haynes Motor Museum
Cutting the 50th Anniversary cake
Foggs World Tour and all other procession entries
Foggs World Tour
2014 Carnival Cup Presentation January 2015 - Haynes Motor Museum
Cup Presentation

Brunel`s Kingdom - The Shipyard


Gremlins, Brunels Kingdom - The Shipyard
Swarm Force
Swarm Force, Ramblers cc
Journey of the Polar Bear
Journey of the Polar Bear - Masqueraders CC
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion - Vagabonds CC
Spirit of the Blitz
Spirit of the Blitz - Hucky Duck CC
Board Stiff
Board Stiff - Shambles CC
Ghost Riders, Lets Ride
Ghost Riders, Lets Ride -  Marketeers
Wild Boyz
Wild Boyz - Wick CC
Ghost Ship (Deliver Us)
Ghost Ship, Gremlins CC