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Carnival Information
Wednesday 15th November 2017 Start 7.30 PM

The Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival will be held in Shepton Mallet on Wednesday 15th November starting at 7.30pm.
Build up to the event will start on Monday 13th November and the following information will help our residents and visitors who during the days leading up to the procession.

Road Closures – Monday 13th November to Wednesday 15th November 2017

Field View & Cannards Grave Road
Road closed from 9pm on Monday 13th November until Midnight on the 15th November. for Parking of Carnival carts.
Parking for vehicles without private drives in Cannards Grave Road has been made available at the Council offices ( for night time only). A permit will be given to residents in Field View and lower Cannards Grave Road to park in this Car Park between 6pm & 8am on Monday 13th – Thursday 16th November 2017. Due to the inconvenience to residents in this situation, it has been decided not to park any Carnival Carts outside of Field View this year. Residents in Field View will be personally given information of this years parking arrangements.

From 6am on the 13th November to 6pm on 15th November - Access to properties will be on a one way system, direction of travel is from the Flock Roundabout to Compton corner, access to Tadley Acres will be easier from Whitstone Road via Webber Road and Hobbs Road.

Whitstone Road
This road will be closed from 9pm on Monday 13th November to 06.00am on Tuesday 14th November.
Access to properties during this period will be on a one way system, direction of travel is from the Charlton Traffic Lights to the Flock Roundabout.
This road is being used to muster the carnival carts on arrival in Shepton Mallet.
This road will then close again from 7.30pm until end of procession on Carnival night.

Carnival Procession Route - Wednesday 15th November
The following roads will be closed from *6.45pm until the end of procession - Cannards Grave Road, Townsend, Old Market Road, Commercial Road, Paul Street & Charlton Road. Whitstone Road will close at 7.30pm.

*roads may close earlier from 6pm if required for public safety.

Shepton Mallet Carnival route

The carnival will start in front of The Park Medical Practice, Cannards Grave Road. The procession will proceed passing the Cenotaph to Townsend, round the Tesco roundabout to Market Road, at the Anglo roundabout turn right into Commercial Road, continue to Paul Street.(pedestrians will not be permitted to stand and watch the carnival from the traffic lights at the old Nat West Bank to Phillips Tyres), the road is too narrow and dangerous. The procession will continue along Charlton Road. At the Charlton Cross Roads they will turn right into Whitstone Road and finish at Number 40 Whitstone Road.

End of Carnival
To leave Shepton Mallet after the procession Marshals will direct traffic to the nearest main road for onward travel, this may mean a small detour for some but it will be the quickest route home whilst the carnival is still progressing in other areas of the town and the carts are making their way to Wells on the A371, which will be closed until all carts have arrived at the Wells Relief Road (approx Midnight).

Visitor Parking

West Shepton (arriving from Wells & Glastonbury direction)
Tesco’s at the Townsend Retail Park has very kindly allowed car parking (not coaches) for The Shepton Mallet Carnival.
From 4.30 pm on Wednesday 16th November the 2 hour parking limit will be waived.
Road closures for the procession are *6.45 pm, but access to Tesco car park from West Shepton only, will remain open during the Carnival with the exit towards West Shepton on the B3161 being your route available. All cars have to be removed by 10.30 pm, when Tesco’s security will have their barriers in place.
Shepton Mallet has 3 other central public Car Parks: Haskins Car Park (by kind permission),the Old Market Road Car Park and The Great Ostry Car Park,these are all available for parking with the usual fees being charged until 6pm.
East Shepton (arriving from Yeovil, Frome and Bristol direction) including parking for Coaches
To avoid the crowds and congestion at the start of the procession it is better to park at Dobbies Car Park and then walk to watch carnival at about 8.15 pm at the Charlton Cross Roads or Whitstone Road where you will be able to watch in comfort.
Dobbies shop and restaurant will remain open till 6.00 pm, but their car park will stay open for coaches and cars until 11.00 pm.
All the other pubs and food bars in this area will remain open the whole evening.

Disabled Parking
We have a limited amount of space which can be booked in advance to guarantee a good view of the carnival
Disabled Parking: Please telephone Tina Edwards 01749 840756
Disabled Seating: Please telephone Rev. G. Dart on 01749 347437 for a seat outside Shepton Mallet Baptist Church if you are disabled

Public Toilets
The public toilets next to the police station will remain open during carnival, Portable toilets are also available at Park Road opposite the Cenotaph and in Charlton Road near the Leisure Centre.

Street Collection– During the procession local charities and groups will make a bucket collection for donations in appreciation of the spectacle you are enjoying, please give generously. Proceeds of the collection will be distributed to local charities, clubs and groups. The carnival costs in excess of £18,000 to stage each year, £1 from each spectator would give us a record collection in 2017.

Souvenir Programs – these will be on sale in various shops and the Tourist Information Office. They will also be sold during the procession. The program gives you information of the procession entries

The more you give, the more our Local Charities will benefit

Please give generously Remember - it's for Charity